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If you've been struggling to declutter and organize your space.

This program might be the solution you’ve been looking for

Our workshops and programs are designed to give you a step-by-step guide on how to begin decluttering: where to start, what to do, and how to do it.

We take care of the planning; all you have to do is follow along.

In our program, you'll discover the real reasons behind holding on to certain things and master the art of guilt-free decluttering.

How this program was born


In my 20-year journey as a professional organizer, I’ve witnessed many people struggling with clutter.

Most have the physical ability to declutter, but often, there is a lack of the emotional support and guidance regarding the process they need.

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Decluttering is as much a psychological/emotional challenge as a physical one.

My program has specific requirements and is suited for particular needs.

I carefully assess each potential member to the program to determine if it would be the right fit for them before inviting them to join.

Meeting briefly allows me to understand your goals and evaluate if any of my programs aligns with your objectives and can deliver the outcomes you seek.

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My goal is to help you get organized and stay organized.

Especially during major life events.

We all experience times when professional guidance becomes a necessity in our lives, and here, you can access it at the right moment, including through our live workshops.

Discover a new way to declutter, organize, and stay organized with my one-on-one and group setting Decluttering Program

I walk you through every step of the way, showing you how to do it, where to begin, and what comes next.

It might be just what you've been searching for !

If you've tried unsuccessfully to declutter and get organized many times before, my program might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Understanding Goals

Discover the true objectives behind decluttering. We'll explore what you really want from your space, like more room, an efficient routine, or a peaceful retreat. It's about aligning organizing with your goals.

Lifestyle factors

Your lifestyle is crucial in decluttering and organizing. We'll consider your habits, family, work, and hobbies to create a system that works seamlessly with your life. It's about making your space work for you.

Life event/belonging connection

Life's big changes often Leads to decluttering and organizing needs. Whether it's a move, new family, or career change, we'll help adjust your space to suit new chapters. We'll explore emotional ties to belongings, helping you decide what to keep or let go based on current value.

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Start Your Self-Guided Organizing Journey Today!


Early Access Bonus:

One Week of Pre-Program Planning for Free!" is a special offer that provides participants with an additional week before the start of our main program.During this week, we'll come together for our initial meeting and craft a personalized plan tailored specifically for you, setting the stage for the upcoming 12-week intensive decluttering program.This bonus week is a unique opportunity to set clear goals, outline strategies, and get a head start on your decluttering journey, ensuring you're fully equipped and ready to make the most of the program. Best of all, this valuable extra week comes at no extra cost to you!



As a special thank you for being a valued member, you have the unique opportunity to gift three friends a comprehensive 12-week training program at no additional cost. This exclusive offer allows you to extend the transformative experience of our program to those you care about, helping them embark on their own journey of organization and decluttering. Share the gift of change and improvement with your friends, all made possible through your membership. Act now on inviting someone you know can benifit from this program, as this generous offer is available for a limited time only!


Join for free -COMMUNITY! MEMBERSHIP -"Bonus: 12 Months Free”

As a valuable part of our program, we're excited to offer you a 'Bonus: 12 Months Free' Community Membership! This isn't just any membership; it's your gateway to a vibrant community filled with activities, monthly themes, weekly workshops, daily activities, and support from your instructor. It's the perfect way to maintain the momentum you've built during our 12-week program. Immerse yourself in an environment that continually inspires and supports your organizational journey. With this bonus, you'll have a full year of access to resources, the opportunity to share ideas with others, and the chance to get ideas from other members who are supporting each other through the same mission. You'll make friends along the way, and with our community, you'll never feel alone on this journey. And don't forget the ongoing learning, ensuring that the transformation you started with us continues to flourish. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to stay connected and motivated in our dynamic community!


How to make money With our Affiliate Program”

I've set up this affiliate program thinking about others like you, who are working hard to get organized and want to help others do the same. When you share your journey, like hitting small goals or finding a cool organizing tool, you're showing others they can do it too. And the best part? You can make some cash along the way. Here's how it works: you get your own special link to our program. Every time someone signs up for our 12-week Intensive Decluttering Program using your link, you earn $50. It's that simple. But keep in mind, this $50 deal is for a limited time, and it might change later on. So, by joining our affiliate program, you're not just earning money. You're also encouraging others to start their decluttering journey, just like you did. Share your link, inspire others, and let's make organizing fun and rewarding for everyone!

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